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Couperin International Music Competition stands as an online musical event with the objective of thoroughly testing the virtuosity and artistic brilliance of participants across a diverse range of Instruments, Conducting, Composition, Voice, and Chamber Music, spanning all nationalities and nations.


Our primary aspiration is to motivate a greater number of musicians to take the online stage and nurture their artistic growth. This competition holds the potential to offer a multitude of advantages to our contestants, establishing a comfortable arena for them to engage in friendly rivalry. Our central mission revolves around identifying exceptional talents among artists and granting accolades that can serve as stepping stones toward global careers.


This contest is meticulously categorized to align with candidates' age, skill level, experience, and performance preferences.


Our ultimate goal is to furnish aspiring musicians from around the world. The essence lies in providing youthful musicians with a platform to push their musical boundaries and to disseminate their compositions. Additionally, victors will have the chance to gain exposure through our online platforms.

Member Competition arranged by World Online Music Competitions Organization

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